This is a blog I have set up for one purpose and one purpose only. It's to regain my life back. Let's just get this straight. I'm not a junkie or an alcoholic or a sex addict, nor do I suffer from any sort of depression. This statement is not an outcome of abuse or exploitation. I just feel like I am not living the life I’m meant to live. I’m not serving my purpose on this planet. I am constantly lazy and tired. I’m stuck in a dead end job for which I have no passion whatsoever. I haven’t had a relationship with anyone for ages. So now today this very moment, I plan on correcting that. I feel I am just on the brink of a golden opportunity to live and not just merely exist. This blog is also an appreciation of James Franco who I feel is living what I would call my ideal life. Feel free to check back on my escapades now and then and starting today I will be everything I was always afraid to be.

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I also hope to inspire others on this journey of mine...feel free to ask me anything. Love. Max